86,400 Moments in a day. How many MOMENTS are you checking into the game? Consciously showing up for? Consciously choosing into?


How many MOMENTS go by where you feel Unheard? Unseen? Or Misunderstood? OR HAVE NO IDEA WHERE YOU EVEN ARE?


The truth is most of us stop listening to ourselves and stop truly seeing ourselves for the beautiful creations that WE ARE.


From years of compromising our truest wants, needs, and desires we HIT THE WALL and learn to silence our voice, and not look directly into the mirror. We begin to numb by daily distractions, old wires, stagnant energy, substance abuse or relationships that no longer serve us.


Through years of abuse, pain and suffering which let to her death, Cassandra understands the depth of what it feels like to flow through this world lost, numb and invisible. The struggle of wanting to check back into this game. What it is like to HIT THE WALL… LITERALLY and metaphorically.


Ask yourself a question in this moment: Are you ready to SEE yourself? Are you ready to HEAR yourself? To REPROGRAM yourself? To FREE YOURSELF?


Cassandra’s unique healing methods create the safest space for us to lay our wings down and travel through the darkness to find our light.


“Together we dive deep into the wiring of all the fear that blocks us. We create clarity around all the programming that you’ve had since you were a kid and take a deeper look at who’s actually been writing your story. We go HOME to the birth place within YOU.. We go back to YOURSELF.  We start to CREATE your OWN story to uncover your PERSONAL LEGEND and live into your OWN FAIRYTALE… the one YOU WROTE.”


By a multitude of healing modalities and the LEVELUP METHOD including: Energy Work, Meditation, Intention setting, Mirror Work,Channeling, Breathwork, Healing through sound, Massage therapy, and guided communication, we begin to unwire the fear and rewire with love… We consciously commit to checking back into this game and showing up for LIFE.  




-Cassandra M. Bauer “I AM LEVEL UP.”


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